Winter Weather Policy

It’s that time of year again.  Madison and surrounding area weather can be unpredictable, though one thing is certain: There will be snow!

21 December 2012 View from Forward Psychology Office

21 December 2012 View from Forward Psychology Office

The following may help you if you have an appointment and snow or related weather conditions are predicted to, or already have, interfered with travel.

Forward Psychology will be closed on days when Madison schools are closed due to winter weather.  As long as our internet is still working, we will post a notice here and on the Forward Psychology main page.  As long as phone lines are working, we will also provide a message announcing whether we are closed or are open on our office phone at (608) 833-7533.

If we are closed, there will be no charge for any missed appointments.  You may call us to reschedule and we also will be calling all clients who may have missed appointments to reschedule.

If the Madison schools remain open, Forward Psychology will be open and available for scheduled appointments, and our usual cancellation policies will be in effect.

For weather status in Madison and to see if a snow emergency may have been declared, visit the City of Madison Weather Page.

Here’s hoping everyone has a safe and happy winter season!