I am a very strong privacy advocate.  When you visit this web site, I do not collect, save or use any information that might identify you personally.  I do collect general information such as how many people visit this site and the types of information visitors read or are looking for, in order to improve the web site for public use, and for my professional colleagues.  If you write me by email, please be aware that email communications are not secure unless you use encrypted email. I have a way for you to send encrypted email to me by a link you will find on the Office Location/Contact page. I  keep email addresses and information in emails confidential by limiting those who use the computer as well as the email program through which I receive email, and by deleting emails from the computer when our communications end.

I may have been the first psychologist in Wisconsin to begin using the strict Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”) Privacy Regulations in daily practice.  I began using these April 14, 2001, fully two years before the required deadline.  Among a number of safeguards for patients, the regulations have particularly strong protections for “psychotherapy notes.”  An insurance company can no longer determine whether or not to pay a claim based on requiring the release of such notes (but may require your formal medical record, with your authorization). And, all health care practitioners may release only “the minimum necessary” information for the purposes of a requested release, when authorized by the patient.

When you come to the office, I will discuss my privacy practices with you and ask you to confirm I have provided you this information.  We will able to discuss any concerns or questions you may have, and agree on preferences you may have such as how I may contact you.

By reading the Notice of the Privacy Practices I have in place for clients, you may learn about these before coming in, or refer to these in the future.  I will also post any changes to my privacy practices here.

Notice of Privacy Practices (pdf)