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Reimbursement For Psychologists’ Services: Trends, Impact on Access to Psychologists, and Solutions

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

Reimbursement For Psychologists’ Services:

Trends, Impact on Access to Psychologists, and Solutions

Gordon I. Herz, PhD

Madison, WI

May 2009

Efforts to fully integrate psychological services into the broader health care system will fail unless the problem of fair compensation for such services is solved. Reimbursement for psychologists’ services under managed care has been declining in real dollars for at least the past 20 years.  The financial viability of the independent practice of psychology has been devastated by this trend.  Consumer access to psychologists in managed reimbursement environments continues to worsen, with declining numbers of contracted psychologists, and false claims by managed care about the numbers who remain.  A for-profit, managed reimbursement financing system is fundamentally incompatible with the independent practice of psychology and unfettered access by the public to doctoral level psychological services.   Organized psychology must acknowledge the damage caused to the provision of psychological health services by for-profit reimbursement schemes, utterly reject such an approach in any reformed system, and develop and implement a comprehensive set of actions to usher in a new health care delivery, financing and reimbursement system.  Reimbursement trends and resulting limitations in the public’s access to psychologists are  documented, and recommendations for roles, strategies and actions for our professional organizations are provided.

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Reading List for Delegates

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

The following references have been provided to delegates as reading materials to prepare for the Summit.

New health care system could use psychology to provide better health care. Orszag stated “human behavior has been left out of models for years” in “health care, economics, medical science”.  Says he was mis-trained as pure economist and wished he knew more about human behavior. Orszag said “psychology matters”.

Read about Integrated Health Care

Two-Thirds Of Primary Care Physicians Can’t Get Mental Health Services For Patients

Shortages Of Mental Health Providers, Health Plan Barriers, And Lack Of Or Inadequate Coverage Cited As Roadblocks To Mental Health Care Bethesda, MD — About two-thirds of U.S. primary care physicians reported in 2004-05 that they couldn’t get outpatient mental health services for their patients — a rate that was at least twice as high as for other services, according to a national study funded by the Commonwealth Fund published today as a Web Exclusive in the journal Health Affairs.

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David Peterson’s chapter called “Management development: Coaching and mentoring programs” p. 160-191 In Kraiger, K. (Ed.). (2002). Creating, implementing and managing effective training and development. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Practice Summit Agenda Available Now

Friday, April 17th, 2009

The Practice Summit Agenda is available now. You may view it here:  Summit Agenda.